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Root Fillings

Root fillings are used to treat teeth that have damaged or infected nerves. The problem can be caused by a cavity, a crack in the tooth, a broken filling, abrasions to the neck of a tooth, trauma or even grinding.

The first sign of a nerve problem is usually an increased sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet things. As a nerve is irritated further it swells resulting in increased throbbing, pain and inflammation under the tooth. This is often called an abscess.

To get rid of the pain the swollen nerve has to be removed from the tooth and this is called root canal treatment. Once the root canal is cleaned it is usually disinfected and filled using a rubber root filling material called Gutta Percha.

The alternative to a root filling is usually an extraction.

Here at Sherwood Dental Practice in Hall Green, Birmingham we can assist you if you need root canal treatment.


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